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Tile Roof Treatment Tacoma

We are strong proponents of the proactive application of a tile roof treatment to clay and concrete roofing tiles, especially with our wet climate conditions in the Pacific Northwest.

While roofing tiles are durable and have an exceptionally long lifespan, we recommend the application of our proprietary tile roof treatment in Tacoma to avoid a significantly reduced lifespan because of:

  • The effects of weathering
  • Presence of green and black lichen, moss, and algae
  • Mildew growth
  • Accumulation of dirt and debris
  • Aging that causes loss of the protective layer of new tiles
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Not only can you improve the aesthetic appearance of your roof with a tile roof treatment to eliminate moss, lichen and dirt, but you can also extend the lifespan of your roofing tiles beyond the average life of those that have not received a tile roof treatment.

Call Rainier Roof Restoration to learn more the overall cost effectiveness when we treat a tile roof versus the cost of a roof replacement.

Roofing Tiles Tacoma

Many homeowners today are opting for roofing tiles in Tacoma to enhance the architectural design and visual appearance of their homes, in addition to their environmentally friendly benefits.

As a roofing contractor with years of experience in treatment and repairs of roofing tiles, we are well aware of the benefits of regular maintenance for extending their lifespan, which is why we recommend the use of our proprietary blend of superior water-based products to treat a tile roof.

We consistently use our premium quality proprietary product as a tile roof treatment to ensure:

  • A full or extended lifespan
  • A beautiful visual appearance
  • Moss repellency using a spray application following initial cleaning
  • Creating a barrier between the tiles and the environment

Call today for an inspection that will provide peace of mind. We will deliver a fair and honest assessment of whether it is time to treat your tile roof!

Treat Tile Roof Tacoma

We have a special superior water-based blended product to treat tile roofs in Tacoma and the surrounding area.

We professionally clean your roof using gentle pressure washing techniques to remove dirt, debris, algae, moss, lichen and mildew. We then spray the tile using our proprietary water-based blended product to prevent moss growth on the tile surface.

These are advantages you can experience when we treat your tile roof:

  • Extended life of the underlayment
  • Improved visual appearance and curb appeal
  • Rebuilding of the original protective layer of new tiles
  • Cost savings over roof tile replacement

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Treat Tile Roof Tacoma