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King County: (425) 296-0449
Pierce County: (253) 565-5200

Cedar Shake Roof Repair Tacoma

Cedar shakes come under the most favored roofing materials because of their fabulous natural looks, durability, and outstanding insulation. Cedar shake roof repair are a perfect combination of environment-friendly nature and a modern look. 

But besides that, it is crucial for property owners to timely schedule professional cedar shake roof repair services in Tacoma in order to expand the life expectancy of cedar. As it is always better to maintain a roof than replace it. 

If you’re concerned about the environment then cedar roofing material is the best. But in certain seasons like the wet season and moist climate, it requires special treatment. As the cedar shakes become infestations that can diminish the lifespan of your roof. That is the reason why we strongly recommend periodic inspections and cedar shake roof repair as needed.

Call Us Now! To hire professional roof repair specialists to conduct your roof inspection for:

  • Weather damage
  • Leaking
  • Missing, loose, or broken shakes
  • Split, worn, curled, or rotted shakes
  • Gutter damage
  • Ridge cap damage
  • Needed valleys and flashings repair

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Tacoma Cedar Shake Roof Repair

While cedar shake roofs are beautiful and environment-friendly the cedar shake shingles provide a unique aesthetic appeal to your house. Cedar shake shingles have numerous benefits like they are energy-efficient,  economical prices, relatively low weight, and aesthetic and protective abilities. 

But it also requires regular repair, installation, and cleaning services to extend its lifespan. You can call us to inspect your cedar shake shingles as we’re a licensed professional roofing company in Tacoma. Our cedar shake shingles inspection will determine if your roof needs cleaning, repairs, or maintenance to retain optimal performance:

  • Regularly check for accumulations of needles, leaves, twigs & debris
  • Evaluate gutters & downspouts to avoid water back up on the roof
  • Check fasteners, sheathing, flashing, and underlayment
  • Inspect for roof damage
  • Check for cracks, splitting, curling, and bottom-edge rot
  • Overexposed cedar shake shingles resulting from installation error
  • Missing shake shingle or ridge
  • Follow-up roof repairs as needed

Call our office today to schedule an inspection and follow-up on cedar roof repair as needed!


Cedar Shake Roof Repair

As a licensed, professional local roofing company we assist our clients with the best services. A cedar roof when maintained and cleaned on a regular basis will ensure many years of roof protection. Our services include roof inspections and cedar roof repair to ensure that excessive deterioration does not occur as a result of our climate conditions, the age of your installation, and corrosion.

These are a few reasons why we are chosen for cedar roof repair:

  • Years of experience since 1987
  • Expert cedar roof repair workmanship
  • Your job will be done efficiently and right the first time
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured
  • We specialize in roof repair
  • Excellent customer service
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