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Composition Roof Treatment Tacoma

If your roof shows evidence of unchecked moss growth, call us to inquire about our professional cleaning methods and composition roof treatment in Tacoma.

While the presence of moss may seem insignificant to homeowners, without cleaning to remove the moss, and a composite roof treatment to help prevent re-growth, it can create lasting damage to roofs.

Immediately following a gentle pressure wash to ensure complete removal of moss, dirt, mildew, and debris, we use a superior proprietary water-based blend composition roof treatment that is applied by spraying to:

  • Act as a preservative to your composite roof
  • Slow the recurrence of moss, algae, lichen, fungus, and mildew
  • Provide UV protection
  • Maintain beautiful aesthetics and property value
  • Avoid the potential for needed roof replacement

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Tacoma Composition Roof Treatment

Most homeowners are aware that moss tends to thrive in damp climate conditions and shady environments that can cause roof degradation in the absence of professional roof treatment in Tacoma.

We offer professional roof treatment to help prevent moss, lichen and mildew growth using a combination of gentle pressure washing for removal followed by a composition roof treatment as a preventative measure against regrowth.

While our proprietary roof treatment solution is the very best for our area, its lasting effect is dependent on the environment, such as trees near or over the home, and weather conditions. This form of roof treatment is highly recommended to:

  • Help extend the lifespan of composite roofs
  • Improve the visual appearance of your roof
  • Create a protective layer between the roof and environment
  • Act as a moss repellent

We can provide a high-quality roof treatment to help avoid premature roof degradation resulting from excessive moss growth.

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Homeowners in the Pacific Northwest experience more moss and algae growth because of the wet environment, creating growth that can be greatly reduced with our composite roof treatment in Tacoma.

With the use of our special proprietary water-based blended product, we provide composite roof treatment for homeowners to slow the growth and multiplication of moss and lichen growth using a two-stage process:

  • Initial roof cleaning using gentle pressure washing techniques
  • Removal of dirt, debris, algae, mildew, moss and lichen
  • Spray application of water-based proprietary composite roof treatment
Call Rainier Roof Restoration to request composite roof treatment to help prevent moss growth that promotes asphalt erosion and wood rot. (253) 252-5154
Composite Roof Treatment Tacoma