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Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning Sammamish

Sammamish Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning

Cedar shakes have been the preferred roofing material for most homeowners for their classic look and natural beauty. However, this beauty can become tarnished due to continuous exposure to the elements leading to moss growth, dirt, and dust on the roof. Call on the experts for shake roof cleaning services to maintain the exterior beauty of your home.

Rely on Rainier Roof Restorations for cedar shake roof cleaning in the Sammamish, WA region. Being expert roof cleaners and restorers, we offer efficient cedar shake roof cleaning, the techniques of which depend on the amount of dirt on the roof, and your preferred treatment material. Some of the cedar roof cleaning methods which we use are as follows:

  • Low-pressure wash
  • Compressed air clean
  • Blow off
  • Water-based treatment is clear and with tints

In addition to cedar roof cleaning, we also offer to shake roof repair, which means that we can mend the shakes that are missing, broken, or cracked, giving your roof added durability.

Cedar Roof Cleaning Sammamish

Cedar Roof Cleaning SammamishTaking adequate care of your cedar shakes can offer you more years of their service. Regular cedar roof cleaning is one way to know which tiles need repair and which need replacing. Timely cleaning and repairs can save you from expensive roof repairs later on. Rely on us for efficient cedar roof cleaning services around Sammamish. Using the best and the most appropriate cleaning materials and equipment, we provide cedar roof cleaning services removing:
  • Moss
  • Fungi
  • Lichen
  • Debris
Our skilled and trained technicians will first conduct an assessment of the roof to know its condition and how much cleaning is required. Based on the reports, they will use the best cleaning equipment and techniques to clean the roof appropriately.

Shake Roof Cleaning Sammamish​

Shake Roof Cleaning SammamishCedar is natural wood, requiring regular cleaning or else mold growth will cover it. Moreover, dirt and debris will settle in the spaces between the shakes causing the roof to start to sag. Get cedar shake roof cleaning from the professionals and save on roof repair costs. Count on us when you need cedar shake roof cleaning in and around Sammamish. We are the ideal company for shake roof repair and restoration as we have:
  • Several years of experience
  • Qualified personnel
  • All the equipment and cleaning tools
Schedule the cedar shake roof cleaning and restoration services in Sammamish soon to avoid any roof sagging and collapse.Feel free to call Rainier Roof Restorations at (425) 532-5214 for cedar roof cleaning services in the Sammamish area.