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Tacoma Decks

Decks in Tacoma provide remarkable outdoor living spaces for socialization, relaxation, and entertainment as an extension of homes in the area.
Since decks are continuously exposed to the weather elements of the Pacific Northwest, they require deck services from time to time to retain their effectiveness, safety and beauty including:

  • Regular maintenance
  • Restorations
  • Repairs
  • Cleaning
  • Rejuvenation treatments

As an industry leader in these types of deck services, we have restored hundreds of aged decks in this area to a like-new condition. From fixing railings and deck boards that are giving way, as well as other structural issues or cleaning and sealing treatments, we have highly qualified professional craftsmen with years of experience that specialize in all forms of repairs and restoration of decks. Call Rainer Roof Restoration to tell us about your decking needs. We provide free estimates.

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Tacoma Decking

If you have aesthetically beautiful cedar wood decking to create additional living space for your home, we have the capabilities to restore your decking in Tacoma to a new look!

Our skilled experts can even restore an old beat-up deck to give it a beautiful appearance and extended lifespan. We use the finest cleaning solutions, restoration products and application with results that far exceed the longevity of products used by our competitors.

Our standard decking surface restoration process includes procedures such as:

  • Removal of damaged boards
  • Securing and replacing loose boards as needed
  • Countersinking nails as necessary
  • Sanding the decking to bare wood
  • Rinsing and cleaning the entire deck
  • Treatment with a high-quality sealer

Call us today for a free estimate for beautifying and restoring your deck that will impress your friends and family and bring many enjoyable hours of dining and relaxation!

Tacoma Deck Services

We offer deck services in Tacoma that will not only improve appearance but also extend its life with the use of high-quality cleaning and sealing solutions.

Our rejuvenation and restoration processes can bring new life back to floor surfaces that are weather-beaten.

With proper care, you can expect a long life when the total installation is well-maintained. We offer the following deck services to restore it back to good condition:

  • An initial inspection
  • Removal and replacement of damaged boards
  • When needed, countersinking nails
  • Sanding the surface back to bare wood
  • Rinsing and careful cleaning
  • Application of a high-quality sealer

Call Rainier Roof Restoration today to schedule an inspection, or to request a free estimate for deck services. You will likely spend more time enjoying your outdoor living spaces following our restoration! (253) 252-5154