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King County: (425) 532-5214
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King County: (425) 532-5214
Pierce County: (253) 252-5154

Roof Repair

Roof repairs are more than a roof replacement. There are several other minor repairs that can prevent a full re-roof. Most roof repairs are the result of minor repairs not being handled in a timely manner. Smaller repairs end up being larger repairs and more expensive which may result in a complete re-roof.

There are preventative measures to protect your roof to prolong the life of your roof. Repairs can include but are not limited to; shake repair, tile/shingle repair due to damage by storm or inclement weather, pest or nesting issues, damaged fascia, leak repair, especially after heavy rains or wind storms, worn flashing, clogged gutters and or standing water.

These are quite common but most homeowners will overlook these items which could be costing them thousands of dollars in the long run. Having a reputable company come out and assess your roof is the right thing to do. We have heard the horror stories of many DIY homeowners causing more harm and damage to their roofs as well as themselves. Leave this to professionals that have years of experience repairing roofs.

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4 reasons why you need professional roof leak repair?

  1. It will save you thousands of dollars in the long run 
  2. It will prolong the life of your roof 
  3. Increases the value of your home 
  4. It protects all other systems under your roof 

Rainier Roof Restoration has been repairing leaking roofs for over 35 years. We know and understand the harsh inclement weather that the Pacific Northwest experiences. From heavy rain, snow, windy conditions and just the overall dampness of our region can devastate a roof. We are here to protect your investment and give your roof a prolonged life. Don’t let another season go by without having it cleaned and repaired. 


We start off by assessing the damage, give you a quote that we can stand by, start the work by using eco-friendly products that will not harm humans or pets and we always clean up our work area. Your roof will look brand new when we have completed our work. Check out our gallery on our website You will be glad you did!

We serve the entire Puget Sound Region from Lacey to Blaine. We do most roofs and we always provide all of our work in writing and stand by our quotes. We have hundreds of satisfied customers with great reviews. You are dealing with a reputable company that believes in outstanding customer service. 

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Roof Leak Repair