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Tile Roof Cleaning Tacoma

Expert Tacoma tile roof cleaning in WA near 98444

Rainier Roof Restoration is the most trusted tile roof cleaning company in Tacoma. We offer tile roof cleaning services to home and commercial property owners to restore that beautiful clean look and maintain optimum functionality.

We use a gentle and safe way to clean roof tiles called low-pressure washing. This method ensures that the roof is cleaned effectively without causing any damage to the property surfaces.

Why is roof cleaning important?

  • To extend the life of the underlayment
  • To prevent algae, moss, lichen, and mildew growth on your tile
  • To maintain its beautiful aesthetics and value
  • Provides an opportunity for careful examination of the damage

It is important to hire a tile roof cleaning service in Tacoma on a regular basis, no matter what type of tile you have. It can help your roof last longer and it is a good investment for your home.

Roof Cleaning Tacoma

Affordable Tacoma roof cleaning in WA near 98444

Being an expert roofing company since 1987, we highly recommend using the services of a professional contractor for tile roof wash in Tacoma with the best equipment, and tools possible along with proper knowledge of safety measures to complete the project without damaging the roof tile.

At Rainier Roof Restoration our skilled team uses gentle roof pressure washing techniques to remove:

  • Dirt and debris
  • Pine needles, insects, twigs, and leaves
  • Algae, moss, and lichen

By adopting a safe and proper method for cleaning tile roofs we ensure the complete safety of your tile roof and avoid any potential damage to your roof that frequently occurs with inexperienced cleaners or their use of high-power roof pressure washing and other damaging equipment.

Safety is our utmost priority while conducting your tile roof cleaning services. And when there are high risks associated with walking on a wet roof, we are licensed and insured to cover any accidents that may occur while conducting our services.

Call today for a safe, professional tile roof wash!

Roof Pressure Wash Tacoma

Expert Tacoma roof pressure wash in WA near 98444

At Rainier Roof Restoration we are professionals with years of experience in roof pressure washing in Tacoma. We are a well-trained and skilled team, we use gentle, low roof pressure washing techniques to remove dark discoloration as a result of mold and algae.

These are a few important reasons to call us for a professional tile roof wash:

  • Mold can reduce proper cooling by absorbing heat vs. reflecting it away
  • Improved appearance with removal of dirt
  • Tile & underlayment preservation by eradicating mold spores, algae & moss
  • Protection of the integrity of your roof tiles

Along with cleaning the roof, we also clean out your gutters to remove stains, debris, and dirt, leaving them in the same improved condition as your roof!

During the final inspection, our cleaning experts look for any damage that may be present.

Call Rainier Roof Restoration for regularly scheduled roof cleaning treatments to maintain your home’s curb appeal, energy efficiency and value! (253) 252-5154