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King County: (425) 532-5214
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King County: (425) 532-5214
Pierce County: (253) 252-5154

Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning Tacoma

We are a professional cedar shake roof cleaning contractor serving Tacoma with years of experience in the expert evaluation as well as cedar roof cleaning and shake roof cleaning.

Our cedar shake roof cleaning process begins with a complete examination of its current condition in preparation for follow-up services:

  • Repair work
  • Removal of surface dirt, twigs, and pine needles
  • Loosening and removal of algae, moss, dirt, and lichen
  • Removal of mold and fungus
  • Application of low-pressure cedar shake roof cleaning techniques

Following these cedar shake roof cleaning techniques, we can remove 100% of the green or black staining from your roof.

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Cedar Roof Cleaning Tacoma

Cedar roof cleaning in Tacoma is vital to enhancing the appearance of your roof, extending its life, and improving the curb appeal and value of your home.

As experts in cedar roof cleaning, we provide the following maintenance services to protect your investment in this type of roof:

  • Periodic roof inspection to check for signs of fungus, moss, or missing shakes
  • Removal of debris that is a sanctuary for moisture
  • Remove overhanging branches that cut off sun exposure
  • Control or cut back vines growing on the roof
  • Maintain clean gutters to avoid water backup onto the roof
  • Replace loose or missing shingles at once
  • Regular low-pressure cedar roof cleaning

We encourage you to protect your investment in one of the most prestigious and natural roof coverings by removing its common enemies.

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Shake Roof Cleaning Tacoma

Shake roof cleaning in Tacoma, with the challenges of a wet and overcast climate, is a necessary task to slow down the deterioration process.

In our beautiful Pacific Northwest with its wet seasons, shake roof cleaning that includes removing pine needles, leaves, dirt, and other debris accumulations in the roof structure valleys and between the shakes is essential because:

  • Accumulated debris can retard the shedding of water
  • Debris retains moisture that provides wood-destroying fungi to grow
  • The growth of moss and lichen supports wood-rotting organisms

We utilize the safest shake roof cleaning method of gentle pressure cleaning to restore a new look to your roof. Our skilled experts carefully clean around chimneys and in valleys, as well as keyways, or those areas between individual shakes to remove the initial growth of lichens and moss.

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