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King County: (425) 532-5214
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Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning Issaquah

The roof protects a house from extreme weather conditions. Therefore, taking good care of such a vital component of the home is of utmost importance. Contact Rainier Roof Restoration if you need cedar shake roof cleaning in the Issaquah, WA area.

We are a fully-insured and licensed company that offers maintenance services for various types of roofs including tile roof, metal roof, composition roof, cedar shingle roof, and a cedar shake roof.

Our experts work honestly and make sure that every nook and corner of your cedar roof is free from unwanted fungal growth. We provide cedar shake roof cleaning to Issaquah residents:

  • At reasonable costs
  • With complete customer satisfaction
  • Using low-pressure cedar roof cleaning methods
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Cedar Roof Cleaning Issaquah

Are you wondering how often you should have cedar roof cleaning? Well, there is no definite answer to that as the frequency of cleaning depends upon the weather conditions and topography of the area where you live. Factors like moisture present in the air or number and type of trees near your property have an impact on the cleanliness of your roof.

Cedar roof cleaning includes removal of the following from the surface of the roof:

  • Moss and lichen
  • Algae or fungi like mold, and mildew
  • Debris
  • Dead insects

The best practice is to call trained experts like us for a professional cedar roof cleaning service as soon as you observe moss growth on the roof. In this industry since 1987, we have immense experience to offer seamless cedar roof cleaning services for your Issaquah area home.

Shake Roof Cleaning Issaquah

Tackling cedar shake roof cleaning after watching a couple of DIY videos will not only lead to a less than efficient cleaning job but be an unsafe thing to do as well. You risk serious injuries climbing onto and walking on a slippery roof. Using incorrect cleaning products and equipment can damage your roof.

Have an experienced roofing contractor carry out successful cedar shake roof cleaning in your Issaquah area property. Call us. We carry out our work in an organized and safe manner, with the help of:

  • Safety harnesses and ropes
  • Appropriate tools for the job
  • Professionally trained roof cleaners

Increase the life of your roof by contacting us for cedar shake roof cleaning at your place. You will agree that you chose the right people!