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Kenmore Cedar Shake Roof

Kenmore cedar shake roof services in WA near 98028

If you want a cedar shake roof in Kenmore, WA, turn to the skilled professionals at Rainier Roof Restoration. We are your trusted local experts for high class Kenmore cedar shake roof services. Our Kenmore cedar shake roof is considered one of the most popular roof coverings when installed properly.

Our Kenmore cedar shake roof experts understand the unique characteristics of beautiful, natural cedar shingles – their seasonal expansion and contraction characteristics and susceptibility to water damage when the installers do not take proper precautions. Our entire Kenmore cedar shake roof team of professionals is committed to providing expert workmanship and the finest customer service to our customers.

Our services encompass the following:

  • Shaker roofs
  • Cedar wood roofing
  • Cedar metal roofing
  • Cedar faux roofing

If your Kenmore cedar shake roof needs attention, contact Rainier Roof Restoration in Kenmore!

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Kenmore Cedar Shake Cleaning

Reliable Kenmore cedar shake cleaning in WA near 98028

Explore the advantages of professional Kenmore cedar shake cleaning with us. Our specialized services are designed to rejuvenate and maintain your cedar shake roof’s beauty. DIY cleaning attempts can often lead to more harm than good. This is why you should turn to Kenmore cedar shake cleaning services from Rainier Roof Restoration.

We begin the process with a complete examination of your roof’s current condition. Then preparation for follow-up services like repair work, removal of surface dirt, twigs, and pine needles, loosening and removal of algae, moss, dirt, and lichen, removal of mold and fungus, application of low-pressure cedar shake roof cleaning techniques is done. Following these Kenmore cedar shake cleaning techniques, we can remove 100% of the green or black staining from your roof.

Our Kenmore cedar shake cleaning services include:

  • Cleaning cedar siding
  • Power washing cedar
  • Cedar shake shingles wash
  • Shake roof cleaning solutions

Reach out to Rainier Roof Restoration for expert Kenmore cedar shake cleaning services!

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Kenmore Cedar Shake Roof Repair

Expert Kenmore cedar shake repair in WA near 98028

We also specialize in Kenmore cedar shake roof repair services. Our experienced Kenmore cedar shake roof repair team is skilled at locating problems and providing effective solutions. We assure you that after our services, your roof will be a perfect combination of environment-friendly nature and a modern look. Property owners must schedule professional Kenmore cedar shake roof repair services in order to expand the life expectancy of cedar.

That is the reason why we strongly recommend periodic inspections and Kenmore cedar shake roof repairs. We understand the urgency of roof issues and prioritize delivering durable results to protect your home from water damage.

Let us know if you want:

  • Cedar roofing maintenance
  • Flex seal to repair roof
  • Roof leak repair flashing
  • Wood shingle repair

If you are looking for the best Kenmore cedar shake roof repair services, contact Rainier Roof Restoration!

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