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The average life expectancy of a composition roof, which is typically 20 to 50 years, can decrease to as low as 15 to 30 years without regularly scheduled composition roof cleaning in Tacoma.

Composition roof cleaning is vital, specifically in our beautiful Pacific Northwest where the growth of algae, moss, lichen, and mildew are fostered by our cool and wet weather conditions.

We offer roof cleaning service in general, including composition roof cleaning and general maintenance to help extend its lifespan by as much as 10 years or more:

  • Removal of moss, algae, lichen, mildew, and mold
  • Removal of dirt, debris, pine needles, twigs, and leaves
  • Roof damage assessment
  • Repairs as needed
  • Gutter and fascia cleaning
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Our highly skilled experts are experienced in assessing what is actually happening on the surface of your roof and inside your guttersand will make recommendations for composition roof cleaning and repairs only as needed.

Call Rainier Roof Restoration today to schedule an honest assessment and free estimate for composition roof cleaning.

Roof Cleaning Service Tacoma

As a contractor providing roof cleaning service in Tacoma, we also offer roof repairs and maintenance services.

To experience the benefits of a reliable and well-maintained roof throughout its extensive lifetime, we offer a roof cleaning service. Composite roof cleaning is a key element in extending the life of a roof.

While there are many practices in use for companies that offer roof cleaning service, we focus on:

  • Gentle, low pressure composite roof cleaning techniques
  • Complete removal of mold, mildew and fungus that contributes to staining
  • Removal of algae, moss, lichen
  • Removal of dirt, debris, twigs, leaves, pine needles and other debris
  • Recommendations for removal of overhanging, damaging branches
  • Gutter cleaning

Our roof cleaning service specializes in roof mold removal with guaranteed customer satisfaction! Call today for a free estimate!

Composition Roof Cleaning Tacoma

We highly recommend regularly scheduled inspections and composite roof cleaning in Tacoma due in part to our wet and cool climate.

An inspection by our skilled professionals can provide you with an alert that repair issues and composite roof cleaning are required to help protect your roof from:

  • Moss and fungus that has developed in damp areas
  • Overloaded gutters with leaves, pine needles, dirt and other debris
  • Moisture underneath layers of roofing causing leaks, rotting and mold
  • Shrinkage, blistering and surface erosion
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Composition Roof Cleaning Tacoma