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Tile Roof Repair Tacoma

We offer professional tile roof restoration and tile roof repair in Tacoma to extend the longevity of roofs in the area.

While tile roofing has an incredibly long lifespan, tile roof repair and tile roof restoration are vital in maintaining a useful life and avoiding the need for replacement resulting from:

  • Leakage
  • Worn out or defective waterproof membrane
  • Cracked or broken tiles
  • Slipping tiles
  • Damaged or worn out roof verge
  • Repair or replacement of metal flashing
  • Dead valley buildup or cracking
  • Missing tiles
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While many of the common problems requiring tile roof repair are caused by age, weather and climate conditions, and wind, one of the most significant causes of roof tile repair involves improper installation or generally poor-quality tile roofing. Call Rainier Roof Restoration to restore your naturally beautiful roof with tile roof repair by skilled professionals.

Roof Tile Repair Tacoma

As a roofing contractor experienced in roof tile repair, we are the premier choice for roof tile repair in Tacoma.

These beautiful roof installations can last for a lifetime; however, it is important to have your roof inspected to determine if the underlayment may be wearing out, requiring tile roof repair by skilled professionals.

An assessment is vital because failure of the underlayment that generally occurs in 8 to10 years can result in leakage and damaged tiles due to warping, requiring roof tile repair involving stripping the tiles from the material, reapplying the material and reinstalling the tiles.

These are signs that you may need roof tile repair as a result of flashing problems or deteriorating underlayment:

  • Water beneath the tile
  • Noticeable leakage stains on your home’s exterior or in your attic
  • Damage to the interior of your home

If you are seeing these types of signs, call us for an inspection and professional roof tile repair to prevent further damage progression.

Tile Roof Restoration Tacoma

We are a full-service local roofing company specializing in tile treatment and tile roof restoration in Tacoma.

As tile roofs are exposed to damaging weather elements in the Pacific Northwest, they can be rejuvenated cost-effectively with tile roof restoration without the high cost of tile replacement.

While specific needs vary, in general these are steps that we follow:

  • An inspection of the roof and ridge capping
  • Gentle, low pressure power cleaning of tiles, gutters & valleys
  • Cracked or broken tile replacement
  • Old mortar replacement as needed
  • Recementing capping as needed
  • Application of protective coating

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