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Fence Cleaning and Repair Milton

Do you need Fence cleaning and repair in Milton, WA? 
Rainier Roof Restoration is your fencing expert when it comes to restoring your fence. Fences are unique from wood type, different designs to different wood stains. It is important that you work with a professional fencing contractor that has the experience and craftsmanship.

Fixing a fence requires skills, knowledge, and materials like footings, timber, and nails. The quality and structural integrity of a fence is predicated on its longevity.  Rainier Roof Restoration specializes in constructing, cleaning, and repairing fences. In the Puget Sound region, fences take a beating. Our damp and rainy weather from early fall through late spring can cause your fence to warp and lose its color. Other factors that contribute to a faulty fence are high winds, falling branches, blackberries, and other types of vegetation that can put stress on your fence.  We fix fences from the ground up. It’s important that your fence is plumbed correctly so it can withstand the extreme weather in the Pacific Northwest. Our full inspection of your fence will provide a detailed estimate prior to starting the service.

We suggest the following maintenance checks: 

  1. Check for rotted boards  
  2. Inspect for moss build-up  
  3. Check for discoloration
  4. Ensure the fence is plumbed
  5. Examine for warped posts
  6. Check for exposed nails
  7. Ensure hinges are working or if the fence is leaning
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Fences provide a barrier to privacy in a homeowner’s space. You run the risk of exposing or providing unnecessary access to your property if your fence has holes, gaps, is leaning, or has any other issues. 

Common repairs for your fence will be a necessity within 3 to 5 years due to damp weather. Moisture is the biggest culprit to the wood of the fence which results in splintering, warping, and leaning. Repairing the affected areas of a fence is key to preventing stress in other areas of the fence. Letting time pass without regular repairs will ultimately result in high repair or replacement costs.

Rainier Roof Restoration is here to handle all your fencing needs in Milton, WA. Please call us at (253) 565-5200 to schedule your estimate today.


Other services offered by Rainier Roof Restoration in Milton, WA: 

  1. Roof Cleaning and Repair 
  2.  Deck Restoration, Staining, and Repair 
  3. Siding Pressure Washing 
  4. Gutter Cleaning 
  5. Fence Staining and Repair 

Rainier Roof Restoration “A Family-Owned Company” who loves to serve our customers and community. Check our Google reviews online. Rainier Roof Restoration is here to handle all your fencing and roofing needs in Milton, WA. Please call us at (253) 565-5200 to schedule your estimate today.

Rainier Roof Restoration “A Family Owned Company”


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