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Deck Treatment Tacoma

We offer horizontal surface deck treatment in Tacoma using the highest quality product for beautiful deck restoration.

In addition to power sanding, deck cleaning, and repairs, we are proud of our deck treatment with a high-quality sealer that far exceeds the longevity of competitor products to bring old and weathered decks to a like-new condition.

If you are one among many assuming that your deck made of pressure-treated lumber, cedar or redwood would remain free of the effects of weather damage, the fact is that most wood decks require deck treatment because they are susceptible to:

  • Swelling wood from moisture
  • Shrinkage from the sun that causes checks, cracks and potential warping
  • Discoloration from ultraviolet rays
  • Accelerated wear from UV that breaks down the wood fibers
  • Typical scratches from usage
  • Mold growth in shaded areas

Call Rainier Roof Restoration to reverse any damage with a high-quality cleaner and surface sealer deck treatment that work in concert to protect your deck.

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Deck Restoration Tacoma

We can bring your weathered wood deck back to a beautiful like-new condition with expert deck restoration in Tacoma.

Whether your deck is old and beat up, or recent and merely showing signs of natural weathering, we have a standard deck restoration process that includes the following steps:

  • Removal of all damaged boards
  • Securing and replacing any loose boards
  • Countersinking nails as needed
  • Sanding all horizontal deck surfaces to bare wood
  • Rinsing and cleaning the complete deck
  • Deck restoration treatment with a high-quality sealer

Deck Restore Tacoma

We are deck treatment and deck restore specialists with years of experience in rejuvenating old and weathered decks in the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

Our skilled professionals can conduct an assessment with follow-up repairs to complete a deck restore usually within a few days.

Why choose us for a deck restore in Tacoma?

If you are contemplating removal of your entire deck and starting over with a rebuild, call us for an assessment. Depending on its condition, a deck restoration can help extend the life of most decks at a far lower cost than full replacement.

Call our office today to learn more about a deck restore that can be accomplished in just a few days!

    • Fair and affordable rates
    • Our years of experience as local professionals
    • Licensed, bonded and insured
    • Proven techniques
    • Use of finest cleaning and restoration solutions
    • Highly qualified craftsmen
    • Ability to restore all types of wood
    • Customer service excellence

Call Rainier Roof Restoration for a deck restoration that will be easy to maintain at a price that is affordable! (253) 252-5154

Deck Restoration